San Stefanos

San Stefanos is located on the North West Coast of Corfu Island. This is where the Diapontian islands can be seen and visited from the village’s little harbor. Visitors of San Stefanos will not only have the chance to visit the opposite islands but also the nearby villages and admire a unique sunset from the beach or standing anywhere within this panoramic location.

The myth says that San Stefanos is the place where Odysseus’s king of Ithaca ship was sunk on his way back from the Trojan War. Nausica found Odyssey on the beach of Phaiakes city and brought him to her father King Alcinoos who offered him a shelter and one of his own ships to go back to homeland. But Poseidon god of the sea had different plans and punished him by turning his ship into a big stone!

However 35 years ago San Stefanos was only a small, traditional fishing village with a few houses and a little Greek orthodox church above the old harbor which remains can be seen today from the beach. There is also a stream that still goes through the village and slits up the beach.

Today the tourist infrastructure in ‘’San Stef’’ is under development and over 15.000 people visit the resort every summer. In the village there is a variety of restaurants and bars where you can entertain yourself and have a chance to taste the Greek and international cuisine! There are also plenty of tourist shops and mini-markets where you can do your shopping.